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DIY Decking? No Thanks

Every time we have a job that is required in our household, and when I say “job” I don’t mean the washing up or wiping up the toddlers attempt at eating dinner. I mean a really large DIY job.

A job where you just think that it’s either going to cost you a fortune to have someone come out and do it, or its going to cost you about 6 years of your life to get it finished. Every time my wife and I fall out.
The problem with living in Devon is that any “outside” do it yourself job, has the age old issue of when the weather is good – you just want to piss off down the beach, when its wet weather, well it’s a perfect excuse to not do what you told yourself you definitely were going to do.
So my task was some simple outside decking for our patio.

I thought that a man of my calibre and vast years of bodged DIY jobs could knock up a bit of decking in a matter of a couple of weekends. My loving and loyal wife of many years had doubts right from the start, bless her cotton socks, goddam her negative doubting – I can do this!

All I had to do was order the materials, get my tool box out and off I go. Well I did make a start, I ordered the timber and then…… well ‘erm it kind of sat there for at least 3 weeks with its cellophane completely intact.
It wasn’t until I had a few mates around for the football (an Argyle man through and through), that I even considered getting a local contractor to do the bloody work.

My wife kept saying to me “I know this guy called Kevin and he works for this Plymouth decking company” and obviously they had done a fantastic job of Aunty Deidre’s garden decking at number 26!
Ok, OK so I am a useless and I haven’t achieved anything. So in the end I bit the bullet and I just rang the bloody company up to come and give me a quote, just so I could go back to lovely wifey and tell her that she wouldn’t be going on holiday for the next decade because of how much it cost.
To cut a short story even shorter, Plymouth Quality Decking came around and showed me a way in which they could install my decking for a comfortable price so I said yes. And I must mention them here because credit where credit is due, they did a marvellous job, it was done in a day and I had a happy, not so moany, wife. At least for a short while anyway.
We are now enjoying alfresco dining on our lovely deck so if you need some decking I do recommend them and if you mention me I get a referral bonus as well, wink wink!