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Stay in a big log chalet and have your meeting. Best of both


Some of the log chalets around Plymouth and surrounding areas, have log chalets that are family sizes. But have you ever thought about having a business meeting in one of them? When I used to work away, we would all stay in different Travelodge’s.

Sometimes, we would be lucky enough to find one with a meeting room inside the hotel so that we could have our meetings in there, but it was pricey. So, after my amazing experience with a log chalet, in a meeting at work I discussed how I felt.

I decided to tell them about the log chalet, my experience and how I thought that it could be a good idea to have a meeting in such a relaxed environment! For me, when you are comfortable and relaxed, your brain works easier to when you’re stressed out and restless.

Log Chalets vs Travelodge’s


  • A Travelodge is a cheap alternative to a hotel, although some Travelodge’s are now even more expensive to a standard hotel.
  • You sometimes get a complimentary breakfast, but often it is just a reception desk when you walk in and you’re left to your own devices.
  • Big comfy beds with soft mattresses for a great night sleep.
  • Separate rooms

Log Chalet

  • It is your personal space for the remainder of your stay.
  • Often, you can stay in a log chalet that has perks to it like: an open fire, sauna, big bath, hot tub, patio, French windows and steam rooms etc.
  • Big comfy beds to sleep in to ensure you are at your comfiest.
  • Cooking facilities so you can cook whatever you like in the comfort of your own personal space.
  • You can walk in and out as freely as you please.
  • Separate rooms but you are all still together

As you can see, log chalets and Travelodge’s are different in many ways. So next time you are going on a business trip… remember, why not stay in a log chalet? It is a great experience for your colleagues and in my experience, it brings more thoughts and more answers to a meeting with people being so relaxed.