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Everything you need to go away

Packing to go away

What to do first

When you’re planning on going away for the week or weekend, there is always a list that you should abide by. First of all, you should always know your choice of transport and have it sorted before you leave the house.

A taxi is always a good way of getting from A to B and there are many taxi companies in Plymouth and surroundings areas that can give you the perfect customer service and get you to where you want to go, on time, safely and will also give you a lovely experience whilst you are with them, throughout your journey.


Always ensure that all of your essentials are packed and ready. Things like a toothbrush, phone chargers, underwear and other important things, these are things that should always be taken away with you!

Plymouth, luckily, holds a lot of shops that you can get lots of different supplies from and can really save you if you find that you are in a bit of a crisis! So, anything you do accidentally leave behind, you are always covered by a shop, somewhere in Plymouth or its surrounding areas!


Always plan ahead. If you want the best out of your holiday, you should always know what is available where you are heading too. In Plymouth, there are so many different activities to do, you are spoilt for choice! So planning ahead is really essential so that you can aim to do all of the different activities you really wanted to do.

How to plan your activities in advance

When deciding what activities to do, always write a list of everything you want to do, the most important one starting first. Whatever activities you decide, always phone the business if you need to and discuss with them their availability for the dates you wish to use their equipment.

Discussing your activity with the business just ensures that you don’t have any disappointment when you arrive! If you get there and there are no free appointments or they are closed for the day, it sets you back a little and you don’t get to do the thing you wanted to!


Planning is the best thing you could do for your holiday! Always ensure that you are ready for your break away and everything will always go smoothly and give you time to relax!