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Where shall I stay?

log chalet plymouth directory

If you are looking to stay in a log chalet for your break in Plymouth, there are a few different places to choose from. All of the log chalets around Plymouth are outstandingly well looked after and are really top notch! Nearly all of them are equipped with the finest interior and the best electric fireplaces out there to ensure you are nice and toasty!

When it comes to choosing the right chalet for you, it is all really about the area and the price for your stay. Plymouth has one of the most scenic landscapes so to have a log chalet and stare at your own pleasure is really special!

Which log chalet is best and what area is more desirable

I did a little asking around and I spoke to people that had stayed in one of these beautiful log chalets, and I asked them for their opinion on what they thought of the chalet and the area. The results I found were mostly the same and I was able to discover which chalets were the top ones and which ones were highly recommended!

Deerpark log chalets

If you are looking for a romantic break, this is definitely the perfect option! Away from the bustling crowds, these beautiful chalets sit within a natural woodland surrounded by an abundance of wildlife. With some sitting on the outside of an ancient mill pond, the views are so tranquil and spectacular to look at.

With the Cornish coast just 15 minutes down the road, these log chalets are also great for all the family to as nothing is better than a fun day on the beach! All of the log chalets deliver privacy and a stay that is both comfortable and affordable.

Notter Mill Log Chalets

These beautiful log chalets are in the perfect location. With chalets that also include hot tubs, you can really go all out and make your stay a special one. Whether you are going away with your family, friends or for a romantic getaway, there are so many different activities you can do and places you can visit, it is perfect for anyone.

What to do next?

Why don’t you stop wasting time and book that romantic break or family retreat! It will be worth it and it will be a break to remember!

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Time to relax

Relax In Plymouth UK

Had a stressful few weeks at work? Or maybe you just feel you need that mini break you keep talking about! Well… why not visit Plymouth? Plymouth is well known for its beautiful scenery and for giving you the best accommodation.

Where would I stay?

Hotels, B&B’s, camping and caravanning is a great way to spend you break but what about a beautiful, cosy log chalet instead? Log chalets are a great way to kick back and relax! What about making it even better and have a log chalet with a Jacuzzi or sauna? Now, that is the perfect way to clear your mind!

What’s the difference?

When you stay in a hotel in or around Plymouth, you are confined to that one hotel room that you have purchased. It is great because in most places, you get a free breakfast cooked for you and all you have to do is stroll downstairs and eat away! But, why not have the whole place to yourself and choose when and what you want for breakfast?

When you’re camping in Plymouth, it is exciting and adventurous! But, waking up in the morning cold and damp… that isn’t too exciting. Using a stove to make your own breakfast can be nice but for a woman, with limited utensils… it’s not as great as you would think! But in a log chalet, you have everything… and warmth!

Caravanning in Plymouth is a wonderful thing to do and is fun for all of the family! But when you are limited to the space you have, it can get a little cramped. A log chalet gives you the free run of all the house and with separate rooms instead of having your beds all in one, that can be the perfect solution for a bigger family!


Why put yourself through more stress when you should be enjoying your relaxing break? A log chalet is the perfect opportunity to relax and do your own thing, in your own time. Whether you arrive in the cold weather and you decide to put the log fire on, or it is the summer and you open all of the doors and windows and relax on the decking!

Whatever you decide to do around Plymouth, whether that be to squirrel yourself away in your beautiful chalet for the weekend or go on adventures all day long… you can always come back to a warm shower, hot tub and then hop in the sauna before the tea is cooked! To me, that sounds like the perfect getaway, for all of the family!