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Working away

Log Chalet Bed, Plymouth

When I used to work for a financial advisor company, I used to stay in a little log chalet in Plymouth. Every time I stayed, I would enjoy the peace and quiet of my own company. With a delightful open fire and a nice warm cup of tea, I would enjoy the tranquillity that Plymouth had to offer.

The dreaded hotel

Staying in a bland hotel was a regular thing of mine when I worked away, and even though a good night’s sleep was had, I was never fully satisfied with my stay. I would receive a lovely complimentary breakfast in the morning, I nice warm hotel and I friendly face greeting me every time I walked in, but something just wasn’t quite there.

The day I found my true love

One day, I stumbled upon a beautiful little log chalet on a walk around Plymouth and I was so jealous of what the people staying in it were enduring! I decided to have a look online at the log chalet to see how much it was. I expected it to be expensive and not worth staying there for the time I was away… but I was so wrong!

The delightful price

When I realised how much the log chalet was, I was so shocked! It was not really any different to the price of staying in a hotel! And although the free breakfast, ready and cooked for you wasn’t available and the friendly staff greeting you did not exist… it seemed so worth it!

The first time

I decided that the next time I had to work away in Plymouth or the surrounding areas, I would stay in a log chalet, so that is exactly what I did! I was so unbelievably pleased with the log chalet that I recommended it to everybody I met!

My first night in the log chalet was delightful! I could never get used to going back to hotels and B&B’s as it was just never the same! Now, whenever I work away or take my family away for the week or weekend, I always look for a log chalet as there is just no other feeling than being cocooned in a stunning wooden chalet, with an open fire and being able to do what you want while you stay there.