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What activities are there to do when staying in Plymouth?

Zip Line Plymouth

Staying in a log chalet is so relaxing and peaceful, but when you want to do more adventurous things, there are a lot of activities that you can do in and around Plymouth. Whether you are with your family, friends or your partner, all of the activities can be enjoyed by anyone, young or old.


Why not take your bikes with you to Plymouth or hire them out when you’re there? You can get ready in your log chalet and set off with a backpack full of goodies! There are many places to cycle so you can choose to have a little outing, or maybe go for miles and discover what Plymouth has to offer!


Going for an early morning run or a peaceful evening stroll, why not take a little picnic with you. You could take a swim in the beautiful lake or walk through the forests and over the fresh green fields!

Horse Riding

Go to a horse riding hut for the day and jump on a horse and gallop through the beautiful woodlands that Plymouth has to offer. Or you could trot along the coastline and smell the fresh air rolling in from the sea!

Tennis or Football

Have a tennis racket? Why don’t you take the family and head out to a tennis courts or find an open bit of land and play at your free will! Or grab that football and have a kick about with the kids or your friends!


Whether the weather is warm or cold, any activities that you can do in Plymouth can be done no matter what the weather! A little snow makes it a beautiful chilly walk and a hot summer’s day makes it a lovely day for a picnic!

With Plymouth, there are so many different activities to attend, it makes it easy to enjoy a fun packed holiday or place to live, for all of the family. Whatever you decide to do, you are sure to have a great time.